KFC Cruelty
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KFC are the target of a global campaign calling for an end to the suffering of the 850 million baby chickens cruelly raised and killed for the company each year.
This openrescue.org special report looks at a series of Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) investigations exposing widespread animal abuse in KFC supplier sheds, and features a photo essay on the regular protests carried out against KFC's cruelty to animals.

KFC supplier sheds and slaughterhouses have been the subject of undercover investigations around the world, all exposing routine cruelty. ALV have repeatedly conducted investigations at KFC suppliers and continue to find birds who are bred and drugged to grow so quickly that their legs often collapse under their artificially enhanced weight, crippling them. Many die of starvation and dehydration because their broken legs will not carry them to food and water. They are crammed by the tens of thousands into sheds thick with ammonia fumes and forced to spend their entire lives living in their own waste. The birds routinely suffer broken bones from being grabbed by their legs and violently stuffed or thrown into crates or from being slammed into shackles upside-down at slaughterhouses. Many chickens are still conscious as their throats are slit and when they are dumped into tanks of scalding hot water to remove their feathers. Click here to read about ALV's chicken meat industry investigations.

Protest Photo Essay
For over three years ALV have been conducting weekly demonstrations outside Melbourne City KFC as part of the international KFC Cruelty campaign. ALV protestors have shown video of ALV open rescues of meat chickens at KFC suppliers (which document KFC broiler babies being raised in horrific conditions), given out free 'mock' chicken to show that there are delicious and cruelty-free alternatives to KFC, and have distributed over a million leaflets, posters and postcards to KFC customers and passers by, many of whom have sworn off ever again eating the remains of tortured and crippled baby birds. Click here to see our regularly updated photo essay documenting the ongoing KFC cruelty demonstrations.

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