Egg Cruelty Investigation
September 8-9, 2001 Ohio, USA

On September 8th and 9th, Mercy For Animals openly rescued a total of 34 sick and injured birds from Daylay in Raymond, Ohio and Buckeye Egg Farm in La Rue, Ohio. The rescued hens were immediately taken to an avian specialist to receive emergency veterinary care.

All 34 hens were diagnosed as carrying the disease pasturella and were treated for 10 days with penicillin. Eleven hens underwent sinus surgery. Two blind hens had to have their eyes drained. Two had acute vitamin deficiencies and received injections. One hen suffers from paralysis in her leg and will be paralyzed for life.

Many hens were diagnosed with mechanical feather damage, wing hemetones, and severe feather loss, among other things. One hen was suffering from a hernia and another from a painful condition known as vent peritonitis.

Sadly, three of the hens had been so badly neglected by the egg farms that even after receiving veterinary care, they were unable to recover and died.

All of the surviving hens are now living at a farm sanctuary. They are recovering miraculously. Their scars are healing and their white feathers are returning. The girls will be able to live out the rest of their lives in a natural environment where they are able to walk around freely, dust bathe, perch, and socialize with their new friends. They are the few lucky ones, free of the torture and suffering of battery cages. More information, videos and photos are available at the Mercy for Animals EggCruelty website.

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injured hen at daylay eggs

rescued hen from daylay eggs
rescued hen from daylay eggs

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