Open Letter to Minister
March 1, 2002 Tasmania, Australia

David Llewellyn,
Minister for Police, Public Safety and Primary Industries

Dear Minister,

Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) and Pam Clarke are extremely concerned about the appalling state of affairs at PURE FOODS EGGS and the complete lack of accountability shown by your Department(s) in relation to the following matters:

  • PUBLIC HEALTH (possible bacterial contamination of produce)
  • ANIMAL CRUELTY (mutilated hens in shocking condition)
  • CRIMINAL ACTIVITY (trespass, breaking and entering, damage and theft totally ignored)

Due to your inability and negligence in handling these matters we intend to break into PURE FOODS again this evening at 9pm. We also intend to inform the police of our intention and feel confident you will not inform PURE FOODS of our plans.

As Minister for Public Safety we trust you realise your responsibilities in this matter.

Sincerely Yours,

Patty Mark, President Animal Liberation Victoria
Pam Clarke, Veteran Battery Hen Campaigner

cc. Judy Jackson, Minister for Health
Richard McCreadie, Commissioner of Police
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