Egg Industry Exposed - Again!
April-May, 2002 Washington DC, USA

On May 23, 2002 Compassion Over Killing rescued 10 sick and injured hens from County Fair Farms (CFF), exactly one year after their groundbreaking open rescue at ISE-America, another Maryland Egg Farm. The rescue was the culmination of a two month long investigation into the unimaginably cruel conditions prevalent throughout the battery hen industry.

COK's investigators documented in videos and photographs numerous acts of animal cruelty at CFF, including:

  • Hens living in overcrowded cages with the decomposing corpses of deceased hens.
  • Hens stuck in the wires of their cages, dying from dehydration, immobilized just inches from water.
  • Hens with serious infections, growths, prolapsed rectums, and other health problems.
  • Hens suffering from massive feather-loss.

According to COK president Miyun Park, "If the conditions endured by egg-laying hens were forced upon dogs or cats, they would be illegal. It's time that we take a stand against such abuse and stop buying eggs."

The rescued hens have all received veterinary care and been placed in safe, permanent homes. More information, videos and photos are available at the Compassion Over Killing website.

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a dead hen with her head on the egg collection belt

two COK investigators offer a dehydrated hen some water

the ground outside of a shed, just underneath the chute

blood drips from the mouth of a corpse just removed from a cage

birds who become immobilized in the wires of their cages die from dehydration or starvation, stuck just inches away from food and water

a hen with an eye infection is removed from her cage to receive veterinary care

a COK investigator holds a rescued hen

a rescued hen examines her temporary new surroundings

a group of rescued hens touch soil and feel sunlight for the first time in their lives

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