Massive PACE Farm Investigation
June 2001 - July 2002 Victoria, NSW and ACT, Australia

In response to PACE Farm's proposal to build the largest battery hen factory in the southern hemisphere, The Animal Liberation Victoria Rescue Team conducted a series of undercover cruelty investigations at PACE farms around Australia. The investigations revealed that PACE consistently fails to look after animals in its care, and uncovered numerous instances of egregious animal cruelty. Select below to read the reports and see the investigation and rescue photos.

PACE Farm: Belconnen July 19, 2002

PACE Farm: West Wyalong July 18, 2002

PACE Farm: Hanwood July 17, 2002

PACE Farm: Corowa July 16, 2002

PACE Farm: Kinglake July 7, 2002

PACE Farm: South Morang June - July, 2001

Animal Liberation Victoria has submitted an objection to the planning authority detailing the findings of the investigations. The report also addresses environmental and competition concerns relating to the proposed factory. In addition to these concerns the objection includes documents highlighting serious issues regarding the enforcement of animal cruelty violations at PACE. The organisation entrusted with the power to make cruelty prosecutions, the RSPCA, is in business with PACE (receiving royalties on endorsed barn laid eggs and over $35,000 in 'sponsorship' money). With the RSPCA receiving substantial sums of money from those they are supposed to investigate, how can the public have any faith that the RSPCA are doing their job?

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