Multiple German Open Rescues
July-August, 2003 Germany

During July and August independent German open rescue groups have rescued hundreds of battery and aviary hens from lives of misery. Befreite Tiere (Liberated Animals) carried out four open rescues over this period, rescuing 128 hens in total. During their latest rescue on August 1, 2003 they rescued 41 baby hens in a battery farm rearing facility. More than 20,000 baby hens were being reared in this hellhole, in preparation for the day they start laying eggs and would be moved to battery cages. 41 of these baby hens were saved from a life of pain in the battery by Befreite Tiere activists.

Meanwhile, Maqi - For Animal Rights, Against Speciesism conducted their second July open rescue (click here for information about their first rescue at a battery rearing facility) at an 'aviary' or ground range facility. In this facility the hens live on a wire grid, thousands of them crammed into one large cage. The Maqi activists had entered the facility for research reasons and found a hen in the corridor who had escaped from her prison and was desperately running to and fro. Without access to drinking water the hen, who was taken into care by the Maqi activists, would have eventually died of thirst.

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a befreite tiere activist carrying a hen to safety

hen being rescued from battery cage by befreite tiere activist

one of the hundreds of hens rescued by befriete tiere

poor conditions documented by maqi outside the 'aviary'

a rooster missed by the chicken sexers inside the 'aviary'

maqi activist with rescued hen

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