More Cruelty Exposed at KFC Suppliers
September 10, 2003 New South Wales, Australia

Animal Liberation NSW rescue teams have inspected two Inghams poultry (broiler - meat chicken) grower sheds as part of the KFC Cruelty campaign (Inghams supplies KFC in NSW). The rescue teams documented widespread cruelty and rescued several broiler babies who were taken to a vet for examination, where they had to be euthanased due to the extent of their suffering. The Sunday Telegraph ran an exclusive story and excellent editorial exposing the cruel mess in these factory farms. This sparked even greater media coverage on radio and two television news stories.

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inside the broiler shed

hen collapsed in manure

dead baby bird in the broiler shed

this crippled hen has collapsed, unable to support her own weight

the sunday telegraph editorial and article on the ALNSW rescue

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