16 Ducks Rescued from Fattening Facility
October 2-16, 2004 Germany

Four Ducklings Rescued from Fattening Facility Press release (October 2, 2004)

Maqi animal rights activists rescued four ducklings in the night of September, 30 from a free range fattening facility.

Although the circumstances for the ducks in the facility are those propagated as "acceptable" by animal welfarists many of the mainly very young ducks were in a horrible condition. "Dead animals lay at the edge of the perch," says Tanja Mueller of Maqi. "Among the living ones there were many obviously sick ones, some with deformed legs, some were so weak they could not stand."

The example of this facility demonstrates that there is no "gentle exploitation", that not only the killing of the animals cannot be justified by anything but that non-human animals, ducks in this case, are looked at as "property", nothing but bodies destined to end up on a plate after weeks and months of suffering in a fattening facility.

So anybody who does not just want to "protect" animals to comfort their consciousness while still exploiting and killing them, but who wants to act ethically responsible, does not merely speak up for "better conditions" but for animal rights and goes vegan.

Twelve Ducks Rescued Press release (October 16, 2004)

Maqi animal rights activists rescued twelve further ducks in the night of October 16 from a free range fattening facility (cf. press release from October, 2).

In the shed with some three hundred ducks there were at least a dozen dead or dying animals. The comparison with those rescued two weeks ago was remarkable. Although the major aspect of such a rescue is to prevent the ducks from being killed a few weeks later, the condition of the imprisoned animals alone is shocking. "The water birds do not have any access to a creek or pond which would be essential for them. Hence their feathers are stuck together by their own feces on which they have to live in the fattening facility perched together. Many of them suffer from diseases," says Tanja Mueller of Maqi.

The rescued ducks have been brought to persons where they will live a life in greatest possible liberty under care until they die a natural death.

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severely injured duck

duck with injured eye

dead and dying ducks

to a new home in loving hands

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