Raid on Perth Pig Farm Uncovers Horrific Suffering
October 22, 2004 Western Australia, Australia

Animal rights activists last night investigated Keene's Piggery north of Perth after receiving inside information relating to breaches of the Code of Practice and the maltreatment of pigs.

Jonathan Hallett, Coordinator of Animal Rights Advocates Inc. who led the raid stated: "The evidence we have just gathered last night confirms extensive suffering where breeding sows are kept in cages smaller even than industry backed minimum standards – less than 2 metres x 60 centimetres – not enough to allow the pigs to walk or turn around.

"We uncovered Injuries such as a maggot-ridden bloody prolapse, infected joints, respiratory disorders and general distress, with repetitive behaviours and deprivation - where mother pigs could not even turn around to assist sick and injured young. I call upon the Minister Kim Chance, who is responsible for permitting these factory farms, to close this appalling example of one of the worst intensive farming practices in Western Australia."

The raid was covered on all the major television stations and also received widespread radio coverage. A sick piglet was rescued and is now doing well. His carer has named him Oscar.

Below is the AAP report. For now Australian Pork Limited are very defensive and claiming that the rescued piglet needs to be killed due to quarantine issues. Police are yet to file a charge and the RSPCA has agreed that there are breaches to the code of practice.

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sows confined in stalls with no room to walk or turn around

nurturing and interacting with her young is impossible as a cruel metal frame imprisons her

oscar the rescued piglet, saved from the slaughterhouse

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