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Animal Liberation Victoria's fourteen month undercover investigation at Parkhurst Farm (a 'modern' broiler farm) was conducted between January 2004 and March 2005. During this period the ALV rescue team conducted 17 open rescues and removed over 200 birds for veterinary care and rehabilitation. As part of the investigation, rescue team members documented repeated violations to the Code of Practice (Poultry), including:

  • Birds crippled so badly that they were unable to stand or walk about
  • Sick and dying birds unable to access food and water
  • Badly decomposing corpses (some bloated, green and oozing puss) being cannibalised by other birds
  • Sick and crippled birds, and birds with painful deformities, abandoned to slowly die

Investigators also spent long hours on the shed roof on cold winter nights filming the depopulation and gathering evidence of violations to the Code of Practice for the Land Transport of Poultry. Others spent countless hours nursing and hand feeding the sick and crippled birds. The most difficult task for rescue team members, however, was the mental anguish of knowing that most of the birds had to be left behind, unattended and suffering.

The sole aim of this peaceful investigation was to document violations to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Code of Practice, and to give aid to animals in need. Sadly, the abuses uncovered are not isolated incidents, investigations into broiler farms around the world have revealed that such cruelty is widespread throughout the industry. This report is dedicated to each and every bird confined to a life of suffering at Parkhurst Farm. The best way to end their suffering, and to end the abuse of the 46 billion other chickens killed for meat each year, is to not eat them.

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