German Open Rescues: Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Geese
2003-2005 Germany

West German animal rescue group Befreite Tiere (Liberated Animals) have carried out 36 open rescues over the past two years. The rescues have taken place at battery hen, duck and geese factory farms, and from piggeries. Their courageous and inspiring actions have saved hundreds of animals from lives of misery. Please visit the Befreite Tiere rescue directory for a full list of Befreite Tiere's rescues over the last two years and details of the animals liberated. A photo essay about the rescue team in action and the rescued animals is presented below.

Click on any photo for larger version (photos: max bierbohm, befreite tiere)

jacob the rescued piglet experiencing freedom for the first time

jacob enjoying a carrot

and all settled into his new home

befreite tiere rescuer kevin visiting jacob

badly defeathered battery hen

members of befreite tiere liberating battery hens

saved from a life of hell inside a battery cage

battery hens being carried to freedom

max and kevin from befreite tiere with rescued hens in their new home

max with rescued goose enjoying freedom

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