Open Rescue of Hens in the Czech Republic
April, 2007 Czech Republic

In April 2007 the Czech Republic Open Rescue group Realita saved 29 hens from battery cages and transported them to safe, loving homes. Since August 2006 the project has saved a total of 55 hens during three open rescues.

Michal Kolesar, open rescue activist, said: "The question is simple, and the answer too. If the law goes counter to the life, what is more important, the life or the law? The life. To those who dispute that the rescue of 5, 11 or 100 or just one hen is just a symbolic act, I answer with the question: if there will be 200 people drowning and you will save just one of them, is that symbolic?

"If there are animals held in such or similar places, in such conditions and in such purpose, that's not normal. That we took them out of these places is what is normal."

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realita open rescue

realita open rescue

realita open rescue

on the way to freedom

emptying the cages