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The New Zealand Open Rescue Collective formed in late 2006 after NZ activists became immensely frustrated with the Government's lack of real action for animals on factory farms. 20 years of campaigning against factory farming using legal means such as protesting and lobbying saw little to no changes for the animals. Since the Government wasn't listening, The New Zealand Open Rescue Collective decided to take the law, and the welfare of these animals, into their own hands. The Collective's aims are to openly rescue animals from places of abuse, to expose hidden suffering and to consistently provide irrefutable evidence why factory farming should be banned. Contact: nzopenrescue@yahoo.co.nz

Open Rescue Collective rescue directory

Pig Farm Investigation
April , 2007 Auckland, New Zealand

Easter Bunny Rescues Battery Hens
April 6, 2007 New Zealand

New Zealand Open Rescue exposes KFC Cruelty
January - February, 2007 Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand Open Rescue - 20 Lives Saved in Co-ordinated National Action
November 5, 2006 New Zealand