Latest News

The Abolitionist interviews Open Rescue Team Members
May 30, 2007 Australia

Illegal Grisly Corpse Pit found by Open Rescue Collective
April 2, 2007 Foxton, New Zealand

Patty Mark Sentenced to Prison for Rescuing Animals
July 12, 2005 Victoria, Australia

Inside an Open Rescue
June/July, 2005 USA

KFC Cruelty Campaign
2005 Global

Victory for ALV in Fight Against Puppy Factory Farm
May 3, 2005 Victoria, Australia

Felony Charges Dropped against Animal Rescuers after Foie Gras Court Battle
November 30, 2004 New York, USA

East Bay Animal Advocates Profile
November 24, 2004 California, USA

Noah's Ark (interview with ALV's Noah Hannibal)
July 15, 2004 Australia

Historic Not Guilty Verdict for Open Rescue
July 12, 2004 Austria

Austrian Parliament Bans Battery Cages
May 27, 2004 Austria

Chicken Industry Investigation Documents Broiler Cruelty
April 13, 2004 Washington DC, USA

Egg Scam
June 11, 2003 Washington DC, USA

Hope Six Months Later
June, 2003 Ohio, USA

Swedish Activists Shut Down Egg Factory
April 27, 2003 Herrljunga, Swedena

Interview with Open Rescue Pioneer Patty Mark
March 27, 2003 Washington DC, USA

KFC National Day of Action
March 26, 2003 Victoria, Australia

Update on Austrian Hen Rescue
March 25, 2003 Austria

Update on Tasmanian Rescue Court Case
June 3, 2002 Tasmania, Australia

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