September 2007, Spain

Activists from Animal Equality have carried out Spain's first Open Rescue of six piglets from a factory farm. Without concealing their identities and in broad daylight, the activists gave a new life to these small creatures, who were otherwise destined to experience a life of horror, suffering and death.

The rescue team only had space for six piglets. Sadly, their mother and the other pigs on the factory farm had to be left behind. They were sleeping on concrete floors in piles of their own waste. They were all dirty, some sick, some near death. They will never see the light of the sun, except when they are trucked to the slaughterhouse. They will never experience freedom.

Once out of the farm on the way home, the six rescued piglets were calm and even sleeping peacefully. When they arrived at their new home they were able to enjoy the light of the sun for the first time in their short lifes. They were able to walk through the grass, so different to the concrete that was all they had ever known. They were able to play without fear, some of them were running from one place to another and turning around and around in circles in what can only be described as a show of happiness. In this way the rescued pigs enjoyed their first afternoon of freedom - playing, jumping, sniffing everthing around.

The six rescued piglets are now safe in a sanctuary far away form their captors, the slaugtherhouses and those who think they are just money making products. Sadly more than 37 millons pigs continue to be bred, exploited and murdered for food every year in Spain, and most of them will never be rescued. The Animal Equality rescue team saved six piglets. There are at least another 36,999,9994 still suffering in Spanish factory farms (and million of other nonhuman animals like chickens, cows, fish, etc.). An Animal Equality spokeperson said "We can't help all of them. The only way to stop the breeding and murder of millions of animals whose lives end when the slaughterman cuts their throat is if people stop supporting these industries."

The inspiring rescue video can be viewed below. For further information visit the Animal Equality sites (English) and (Spanish).