Raid on Perth Pig Farm Uncovers Horrific Suffering
October 22, 2005 Western Australia, Australia

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Animal rights activists return to cruel pig farm under investigation and face arrest
Media release: November 29, 2004

Members of Animal Rights Advocates entered Keene’s Piggery early this morning and are refusing to leave until cruelly confined sows are removed from stalls that breach the Code of Practice.

5 ½ weeks after their initial investigation into the Gingin piggery where the activists exposed the horrendous conditions, the sows remain in the same unlawful confinement.

Jonathan Hallett, Coordinator of Animal Rights Advocates said:

“We have exhausted all avenues and these intelligent animals are still being confined in stalls so small they are unable to walk or turn around. These stalls breach the Code of Practice for Pigs and we want the police to step in and get them out of their unlawful cages.”

While pigs suffer under these intensive conditions, we ask the public to reconsider their pork and ham purchases this Christmas.”

The Code of Practice for Pigs is currently being reviewed nationally. Animal welfare groups (including the RSPCA) are calling for an end to the use of sow stalls and farrowing crates. These are already banned in the UK, Sweden and Florida (USA).

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