Vegans For Animals Open Rescues
2003-2005 New South Wales, Australia

Vegans For Animals (VFA) have been active throughout New South Wales since 2003, carrying out numerous open rescues and investigations in piggeries, and on battery and broiler farms. The following photo gallery contains images taken during VFA open rescues and investigations, and of farm animals rescued by VFA.

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some sows spend up to 25% of their time biting the bars in front of them, but never rooting in dirt, which makes up much of instinctive pig behaviour

this mother sow will never be able to interact in any meaningful way with her children

pigs discarded in a giant pit outside a factory farm investigated by VFA

rescued piglet with VFA investigator

an unexpected rescue during a VFA investigation

one of numerous dead chickens found inside the shed during a broiler farm

kerrie from VFA with rescued broiler baby

crippled broiler babies, unable to walk properly, adjust to life outside of the broiler

severely defeathered battery hens

this hen was rescued from the manure pits by VFA activists

freedom for some of the many birds rescued by VFA

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