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KFC National Day of Action
March 26, 2003 Victoria, Australia

Animal advocacy groups protested at KFC stores around Australia today to mark the commencement of an ongoing Australian campaign against KFC cruelty. The campaign is part of a wider international KFC Cruelty campaign spearheaded by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Activists around Australia handed out leaflets, postcards and posters (see below) and showed video of an alv open rescue of broiler hens at a KFC supplier, which documented KFC broiler babies being raised in horrific conditions. Thousands of passers-by took leaflets and signed postcards addressed to the KFC CEO stating that they would not be eating the remains of tortured baby birds. The protests were covered by several media including the Sydney Morning Herald (click here to read SMH article) as well as regional newspapers and radio stations.

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KFC protest photo
animal liberation victoria demo at city kfc

KFC protest photo
nobody kills chickens like kfc

KFC protest photo
kfc cruelty postcard - crippled babies in a bucket

KFC protest photo
kfc cruelty poster

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