Broiler Chicken Rescue Exposes KFC Cruelty
January 28, 2003 Victoria, Australia

Animal Liberation Victoria rescued 20 broiler chickens after a series of undercover investigations during Australia's recent heat wave at the 'Fowl Folly' broiler chicken factory in Parwan, Victoria (approximately one hour north of Melbourne). The rescue team had been at this same property five years ago and made complaints, yet nothing was done and now the farm has doubled in size to four sheds each holding 40,000 birds. 'Fowl Folly' is contracted out to Baiada Poultry, suppliers to KFC.

The team found thousands of severely crippled baby birds. Broiler chickens are 'meat' birds raised for their flesh. They are killed at the age of 6 weeks old, when they are already the size of adult birds due to genetic breeding. Their young bones simply cannot hold their weight and they collapse.

An appeal for help was immediately sent to the Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria.

Click here to see the letter to the Chief Commissioner of Police (the letter gives further details of conditions inside the broiler shed).

ALV also rang the local police station and asked them to investigate. The Sergeant rang the RSPCA to request them to attend (the RSPCA have consistently ignored appeals for help). That night the entire shed was cleared by management and Animal Liberation Victoria had a death threat on its answer machine.

A vet examined the birds and most were immediately euthanased due to their poor condition. Two of the birds were able to walk, but only for a few steps at a time, and may survive for a short time with regular nursing care.

For information on the KFC campaign that resulted from this rescue please see the KFC National Day of Action news update.

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inside one of the sheds (which each contain 40,000 birds)

numerous dead chicks were found rotting on the ground

broiler hens grow at such an unnatural rate that many collapse, unable to support their own weight

patty gives aid to a debilitated hen

crippled chick with splayed legs

this chick's leg was twisted sideways at a 90 degree angle

a crippled hen has a brief moment of peace away from the horrid conditions of the broiler farm

alv volunteers nurse hens prior to seeing the vet

the vet inspects one of the hens, almost all of who had to be euthanased

sadly, this is where most of the birds end up

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