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Pig Rescue

Pig Farm Cruelty
April, 2007 New Zealand

The New Zealand Open Rescue Collective has carried out an investigation into an Auckland pig farm and found animals in disturbing conditions. Sows and piglets were documented confined in farrowing pens. Hundreds of cockroaches were seen crawling the walls of these pens. FULL STORY

KFC Broiler Investigation - Open Rescue Exposes KFC Cruelty
January - February, 2007 New Zealand

During January and February of 2007, the NZ Open Rescue Collective investigated an Inghams intensive broiler chicken farm, documenting the conditions which they found. Inghams are the NZ exclusive suppliers to KFC. During the first week of the investigation the team found many dead chicks, chicks with obvious leg disorders, chicks which were stuck inside feeders and several “runt” chicks. FULL STORY

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